1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet Meal Plan and Foods List

1500 Calorie Diabetic Diet Meal Plan and Foods List

The more calorie restrictive a diet is, the more challenging it can be to stick to. A 1500 calorie diabetic diet can be even more difficult to adhere to because in addition to reducing daily caloric intake by 25% from normal, a healthy diabetic diet also needs to include a solid variety of foods while eliminating those that can cause unhealthy increases in blood sugar throughout the day. But, a healthy diabetic diet includes many whole, fresh foods that are low in calories to begin with, which can make sticking to a 1500 calorie diabetic diet a little easier.

One important part of a diet for people with diabetes is the inclusion of low glycemic foods. These are foods that have been shown to not cause unsafe increases in blood sugar levels based on the amount of good or bad carbohydrates they contain. However, not all low glycemic foods are low in calories. For instance, red meat and nuts are considered low glycemic foods, but can be a huge challenge to incorporate into a 1500 calorie diabetic diet, due to their caloric content. It’s also worth nothing that fats and oils are also considered to be low glycemic, and those are certainly bad additions to a restricted calorie diet.

Additionally, the restraints of a diet that limits calorie intake can also have a negative effect on the amount of nutrients that the body is receiving. This is even more so true on further restrictive plans, such as a 1200 calorie diabetic diet. Because of this, it’s not unusual for individuals affected to use supplements for diabetes in order to ensure that they are receiving all the necessary nutrients they should be getting in a day. These supplements are also useful in addition to a 1500 calorie diabetic diet in some cases to further help control blood sugar levels as well as promote healthy weight loss in some individuals where a health care provider has determined their use to be acceptable.

There are many reasons why sticking to a 1500 calorie diabetic diet can be incredibly challenging. However, choosing the right foods and the right types of foods can help tremendously. A diabetic diet menu doesn’t have to be bland, boring and basic. It can be flavorful, healthy and beneficial in a wide variety of ways. We’ve put together a sample diabetic diet in order to demonstrate how fulfilling and enjoyable a menu tailored to people with diabetes who are reducing their calorie intake can truly be.

Breakfast: One medium sized orange can serve as a tangy side to a 1 ¼ cup bowl of cheerios topped with skim milk. These low calorie options provide a filling start to the day, and much needed energy for all the morning’s activities.

Food List Sample Choices:
• Small banana, plum, apple
• Bran flakes cereals or granola
• One whole wheat English muffin or half a whole wheat bagel
• Hot oatmeal
• One ounce of dried fruit

Morning Snack: Yes, even people on a 1500 calorie diabetic diet get to indulge in snacks twice daily if they plan right, and snacks are incredibly important to helping keep blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day. Options like a pair of small kiwis, a fruit and granola bar, a small apple or a handful of heart healthy nuts can be an ideal mid morning snack, and will help keep energy levels high.

Lunch: Tossed salads with vinegar and oil dressing are an ideal lunch choice for those on a restrictive diet and can be paired with sides like half a cup of fruit, carrot sticks and salsa and whole wheat pita bread. Other excellent lunch choices include small portions of lean meat and legumes as well as indulgent offerings like fresh tomato topped bruschetta.

Food List Sample Choices:
• Tossed salad
• Steamed vegetables
• raw, sliced veggies
• Lean protein topped salads or legume salads
• Egg frittatas
• Fresh fruit

Afternoon Snack: Getting from lunch to dinner can be a bear for anyone, but may be particularly problematic for people on a 1500 calorie diabetic diet. Getting over this hump is easy with snack choices like carrot sticks and hummus, low fat vanilla yogurt with granola or no butter air popped popcorn.

Dinner: After all the delicious food consumed during the day, it can seem that there are no calories left to enjoy at dinner. However, following our meal plan leaves plenty of room for savory meats and hearty sides. Oven roasted London broil with balsamic sauce paired with half a cup of brown rice and a cup of steamed spinach is a more than satisfying meal to the end of the day, and still leaves enough calories leftover to enjoy a sweet after dinner treat of fresh cut strawberries. Soy broiled salmon, ¾ cup quinoa and an equal share of steamed Brussels sprouts is another option to expand on this dinner idea, and they are both perfectly aligned with a 1500 calorie diabetic diet.

Food List Sample Choices:
• 3-4 ounces lean meat cooked in oven or grilled (no frying or cooking in fat)
• ¾ cup to 1 cup steamed veggies like broccoli, spinach, carrots, etc
• Whole grain starch like couscous, quinoa, brown rice
• small side of fresh fruit