5 Delicious Diabetic Diet Breakfast Recipes

Diabetic Diet Breakfast

For many people, skipping breakfast entirely is an everyday event. Mornings are too busy and not everyone is ready for a meal early in the day. For a diabetic however, skipping breakfast is not an option. Regular meals help control blood sugar levels, and breakfast is a very important part of a Type 2 diabetes diet menu. Eating smaller and more regular meals is essential to helping keep blood glucose in appropriate ranges throughout the day, and this starts with a sensible but satisfying diabetic diet breakfast. But, choosing the right breakfast is an important as eating it at all, and since processed cereals and sugary pastries are not appropriate parts of a Type 2 diabetes diet menu, other options must be considered.

Breakfast therefore should include items that are part of a good diabetic diet as a whole. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources and whole grains. A diabetic diet breakfast should include as many of these as possible for good variety and nutrition, but should also be lower in calories and bad fats as well. Given this information, it may seem that there are many restrictions regarding a diabetic diet breakfast, but there are many excellent choices available. Simple choices include whole wheat bagels and English muffins, pieces of fresh fruit, and bran cereals paired with low fat milk. These items are likely to form the daily staples of the breakfast portion of a diabetic diet menu, but can seem repetitive over time. Luckily, we put together five recipes for you to consider shaking up the morning routine and adding variety and flavor to the first meal of the day.

1. A Better Oatmeal Choice: Prepackaged oatmeals can be tempting, but the flavored versions can be laden with sugar and are not ideal for a diabetic diet breakfast. A better choice starts with ¼ cup quick cook oats and ½ cup water cooked in the microwave for about a minute. For flavor, choose a sugar alternative like Splenda and add in some cinnamon, too. Pair the oatmeal with a whole apple for a satisfying breakfast that boasts flavor, fiber and variety, too.

2. Roll it Up: Skip the sweets altogether and opt instead for a homemade breakfast burrito. One egg scrambled can be combined with peppers, onions and wholesome spinach and topped with just a bit of low fat cheddar cheese before being wrapped in a warm whole wheat tortilla. This recipe is also ideal for people that need to eat on the run and provides a quick and hearty option for those tempted to skip breakfast altogether.

3. Go Gourmet: A weekend morning might be an ideal time to try a feta frittata that combines several foods that are known for lowering blood sugar levels into a delicious and decadent treat. Combine sautéed onions and garlic (both known for lowering blood sugar levels) with two eggs and half a cup of egg substitute and 2 tablespoons of crumbled feta cheese and cover in a skillet for 4-6 minutes or until fully cooked. Remove the lid and sprinkle with a little more feta cheese and chopped plum tomatoes. Cover again for 2-3 minutes and voila! A diabetic diet breakfast that feels like anything but restrictive.

4. Care for the Kidneys: For people dealing with diabetes as well as kidney problems, every meal of the day can seem like a challenge as dodging carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus and bad fats can make it seem like there is no food left to enjoy. However, breakfast can still be delicious as a part of a renal diabetic diet. Crack one egg into a microwave safe bowl and add a teaspoon of low fat milk and whisk. Flavor with black pepper and garlic powder and cook for about a minute. Use toppings for flavor like veggie packed salsa or low fat sour cream. Pick a side dish that is a staple of a diabetic diet breakfast such as a whole apple.

5. Drink Your Breakfast: Even people who do not have time to sit down for a meal at the start of the day can enjoy a delicious smoothie that will provide nutrition to carry through to the mid morning snack. Smoothies also provide an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes as it is easily added into most all morning beverages. In some studies, cinnamon for diabetes has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels by as much as 24% over a period of three to four months. Taking daily advantage of this benefit in a blended beverage that includes ½ cup of nonfat yogurt or Greek yogurt, ½ cup of frozen fruit and two tablespoons of low fat milk can be an incredibly delicious part of a diabetic diet breakfast or a solid standalone meal replacement.