Best Blood Sugar Monitor – Top 5 Models Experts Recommend!

Best Blood Sugar Monitor

A blood sugar monitor is a device that is used to electronically calculate the amount of glucose in the blood. It is a pretty important little tool for the nearly 30 million Americans suffering from the disease. Not only does it provide information necessary for proper medicine doses to be administered, but it also can help show important trends that can indicate successes and failures in various types of lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. Having a good blood sugar monitor is essential for people managing diabetes. But, what unit is considered the best blood sugar monitor and how does it stack up against competitors? We have put together a list of the best five recommended brands from experts who have tested various devices for things like consistency, accuracy, memory, speed, ease of use and more. Their findings about just what is the best blood sugar monitor might be surprising.

1. Accu-Chek Compact Plus: This futuristic looking little meter has some big benefits that made testing experts take notice. It boasts very good accuracy and equally ranked consistency. It is considered easy to use and automatic coding was noted as a big benefit as well. One notable downside however is the cost. For a unit not declared the best blood sugar monitor of the bunch, a $73 dollar price tag might be a tough pill to swallow.

2. ReliOn Ultima: A good amount of accuracy combined with a very good amount of consistency makes this bargain buy a fairly excellent value. Its compact size and large memory combined with a relatively good ease of use level make the $9 unit an excellent choice for those wanting similar results to our number 5 unit for substantially less money. While it is true that consumers should not expect to get the very best blood sugar monitor available for just $9, this unit will certainly come very close.

3. OneTouch Ultra 2: For many people, measuring blood sugar is all about accuracy. The Ultra 2 from OneTouch is incredibly accurate, which can offer a substantial amount of piece of mind for users. In addition, a good consistency rating paired with extreme ease of use make the memory loaded yet compact unit an excellent choice. These premium features do come with a premium price tag, however; and, users should not expect to get one of the best blood sugar monitor devices on the market for cheap. At $70, the Ultra2 is not cheap, but might be worth every penny.

4. Ascensia Contour: Automatic coding is a major feature found regularly amongst some of the best blood sugar monitor devices on the market, and this feature is not absent from the Ascensia Contour. In addition to lots of memory and a compact design, very good consistency and excellent accuracy are also both found to be enviable results of tests involving this unit. It is one of the most expensive monitors, however, and costs $80.00.

5. OneTouch Ultra Mini: This may come as an enormous surprise, but one of the very best blood sugar monitor devices on the market is a name brand unit that costs around $20.00. The Ultra Mini from OneTouch beats out its larger competitors providing both excellent accuracy and consistency, too. It is incredibly compact and easy to use and still boasts many of the same features larger units have in an even smaller size.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a monitoring device, but two of the most important parts of taking a blood sugar test is having accurate results and a device that provides the same level of accuracy time and time again. A blood sugar test is used in order to determine how far off from normal blood sugar levels a diabetic person’s are, and treatment and medication results are sometimes based off this information. When looking at these devices, regardless of whether or not they are present on our list of picks for the best blood sugar monitor, understanding how accurate and consistent they are is very important.

Accuracy and consistency are also important because they alert users to when blood sugar levels high enough to be dangerous are starting to develop. Unlike low blood sugar levels, which can occur suddenly and without warning, blood sugar levels high enough to be dangerous appear gradually in most cases, over days at a time in most people. Having the best blood sugar monitor available not only identifies these gradual inclines in data, but also provides a means to measure in real time how successful or unsuccessful physical activity and dietary measures are.

When a reading comes from a monitor, it is compared in most cases to a blood sugar levels chart that helps people identify how low or high their blood sugar is in comparison to healthy blood sugar levels. This process of testing blood and comparing it to a chart is commonplace in persons with diabetes, and is typically the same whether they are using a prickless blood sugar monitor or an older style punch unit. What is not the same from person to person is how easy their particular device is to use, how accurate and consistent it is, and how affordable it is. For that, the best blood sugar monitor available is required. Our top five list of the best is an excellent place to start when searching for the ideal unit.