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5 Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar We Can Eat Everyday

Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar

There are many reasons why some people consider using herbs that lower blood sugar. On one hand, many herbs for diabetes control are easily included into an already healthy diet that is important to overall management of the condition. Many

Top 10 Foods that Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Foods that Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Diabetes is becoming a very common condition that is estimated to affect nearly one in ten people living in the United States. While numerous types of the metabolic disorder exist, nearly 95% of all cases are type 2 diabetes, which

Blood Sugar Test Strips – Which Ones Are The Most Accurate?

Blood Sugar Test Strips

Shockingly, alarmingly and downright disturbingly, it’s been estimated that almost half of all blood sugar monitoring devices do not meet minimum standards for accuracy. For people that rely on these devices in order to regularly perform a blood sugar test,

Avandia Side Effects – Common and Rare

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia is a medication that falls into a class of antidiabetic drugs known as glitazones. The diabetes medications are used in order to help manage the blood sugar levels of persons with the adult onset form of the condition. Since

Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor Review

Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor

A diagnosis of diabetes isn’t like other health conditions. People with diabetes end up with an often lifelong routine of checking and monitoring their blood sugar at home. This occurs because regular monitoring is important to determining how far outside

Janumet XR Side Effects – Common and Rare

Janumet XR Side Effects

Janumet XR is a medication that is used to help control the levels of glucose in the blood in people who have type 2 diabetes (the medication is not used in people with type 1 diabetes). Although a single medication,

Byetta Side Effects – Common and Rare

Byetta Side Effects

Approved just recently in 2005, Byetta joined other incretin mimetics in a group of injectable drugs that are used to manage Type 2 diabetes. While most diabetes medications aside from insulin are taken orally, Byetta is injected

Glipizide Side Effects – Common and Rare

Glipizide Side Effects

Perhaps best known by brand name Glucotrol, Glipizide is a fast acting, decades old medication that is used to help control blood sugar. It is in the family of diabetes medications that are known as sulfonylureas which are used to

Actos Side Effects – Common and Rare

Actos Side Effects

Actos is a medication that is used to manage diabetes. It is an oral medication that can help to control blood sugar levels, and is only indicated for persons with type 2 diabetes, not type one. Although the medication is

Januvia Side Effects – Common and Rare

Januvia Side Effects

It is not uncommon that a popular and well known medication makes news for all the wrong reasons. Such is the case with Januvia, one of the best selling antidiabetic drugs on the market. Produced by Merck and introduced in