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Type 1 Diabetes Causes and Risk Factors

Type 1 Diabetes Causes

The ongoing debate about Type 2 diabetes causes frequently grabs newspaper headlines and ends up on the evening news, and everything from environment to diet is thought to play a role. However, much less is heard about diabetes mellitus Type

Signs of Diabetes in Women vs. Men – What to Pay Attention to?

Signs of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes is a condition that is becoming increasingly more common, currently affecting nearly one tenth of the United States population. Men are thought to develop diabetes more easily than women, but that is not the only gender specific difference when

Cinnamon and Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Cinnamon and Diabetes

Cinnamon and diabetes have been intimately linked for a very long time, as the flavorful spice has been associated with both the treatment of and the prevention of Type 2 diabetes. The medical community remains divided on this relationship and

Brittle Diabetes Symptoms and Life Expectancy

Brittle Diabetes

Many people are familiar with diabetes. Either they have a family member or close friend with the condition or they themselves have it. However, diabetes is not one condition, rather a collection of metabolic diseases that affect either the way