Chromium Picolinate Diabetes Treatment – How Does It Work?

Chromium Picolinate Diabetes

Chromium is a metal, and it may seem unusual, but very small amounts of this metal are actually required in order for our bodies to function properly. Most people get the amount of chromium that they need from whole foods like raw onions, broccoli, ham, black pepper, romaine lettuce and bran cereal. However, studies have also shown that the trace mineral may also be one of the best supplements for diabetes sufferers as well. Like many supplements, studies involving chromium picolinate diabetes benefits are few, but their results have gotten the attention of both the medical community and people suffering from the condition alike. This is likely because in an overwhelming percentage of instances, chromium picolinate diabetes benefits have been well documented and well established.

There are many different things that are used for natural diabetes treatment. In fact, diet and exercise, two non-medicinal treatment methods, are some of the best ways to manage the condition in the first place. Aside from these important aspects of managing the condition, many plants, spices, herbs and chemical compounds that are found in plants and foods have also been found to positively affect the way that the body uses sugar or responds to insulin. With regards chromium picolinate diabetes benefits, there has yet to be identified a mechanism of action for just how it might work, but time and time again, the trace mineral has been linked to an improvement in the way that the body responds to insulin. In addition to this, the mineral is also used to promote weight loss, especially in athletes and bodybuilders. Since maintaining a healthy weight is important to the proper management of type 2 diabetes, this might be yet another example of chromium picolinate diabetes health benefits.

One of the most profound examples of the use and successes of chromium picolinate supplements for diabetes is a study that was conducted in China in 1997. In this study, 180 persons with the health condition were given chromium supplements for diabetes twice a day for a period of four months. Shockingly at the end of this period, nearly all the participants lacked any signs of having the health condition and a large majority of them boasted normal to good blood sugar levels as well as insulin levels, too. What is perhaps even more important is that while the study participants enjoyed near normal blood sugar levels, they also achieved near normal A1C levels, which are considered a more accurate and better benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of diabetes treatment measures.

The studies conducted concerning chromium picolinate diabetes benefits are not limited to active cases of the disease alone, and it is thought that the mineral may also play an important role in prevention as well, when a person is pre diabetic or only experiencing very early signs of diabetes. One such study found that in a trial where some participants experiencing the early signs of diabetes or those that were at a greater risk for developing it were given chromium picolinate and others a placebo, the persons taking the chromium over a period of four months experienced decreases in insulin resistance by as much as 40%.

There are many studies and medical findings that point out that there may be substantial chromium picolinate diabetes benefits, and more testing is required in order to further prove these theories and establish proper dosing and usage. However, early evidence is very exciting and may provide hope for people suffering from the condition that there are not only potentially natural ways to help better manage the condition, but also possibly prevent it. However, it is important to remember that at this time, chromium is not considered a form of type 2 diabetes treatment, and should never be considered in lieu of medications or against the advice of a health care provider. Additionally, there are some side effects and medicine interactions that need to be discussed with a healthcare provider before chromium picolinate diabetes benefits are explored in order to assure safety. And, regardless of the slew of purported uses of chromium, a healthy diet and regular exercise remain the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes treatment.

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