Pre Diabetic Foods List: Top 10 Choices Experts Recommend!

Pre Diabetic Foods

Pre diabetes is a state where a person has become at risk for developing full blow diabetes. This means that their blood sugar levels are above normal, but not yet to the point of being able to diagnose diabetes. For some people, this condition is found in routine testing, while others present pre diabetes symptoms that can indicate the condition’s presence. Regardless, pre diabetes provides a serious opportunity to take corrective measures and stave of the formation of the often life long condition it precursors. One of the very best ways to do this is by changing eating habits and committing to a pre diabetic diet. The basics of the diet are relatively straightforward and include whole, healthy foods and a reduction in the intake of fats and sugars. But, it also should include some pre diabetes foods that can provide an additional boost to lowering blood sugar levels.

Unlike type 1 diabetes, those at risk for developing type 2 have a tremendous amount of power to reverse their impending condition by changing the way they eat and live. A pre diabetic meal plan is a big part of this and includes various components. In addition to eating healthy and including select pre diabetic foods, eating regular, smaller meals and incorporating regular exercise can have a significant impact on the development of the condition. Oftentimes, a person who is newly diagnosed as at risk for developing the condition will be recommended a pre diabetic meal plan in an effort to hold off or thwart the condition’s later development.

Someone who has pre diabetes is not guaranteed to develop the condition. However, without pre diabetes treatment including changing diet and exercising more as well as reducing weight, most people develop full blow diabetes within ten years or less. This is why making positive changes is so imperative. Successful pre diabetes treatment can actually prevent the onset of the disease entirely. Since a big part of this treatment is diet, including good pre diabetic foods is a very good idea. Generically speaking, whole foods with a low glycemic index are ideal, but there are some superfoods that experts in the medical and alternative medicine fields recommend time and time again, and we’ve put together the ten best of them.

1. Green Tea: Starting with a beverage may seem unusual, but green tea may have even more medicinal benefits than previously thought. It’s a purported inflammation fighter which might explain how it helps people reduce their blood sugar. Inflammation may block the body from absorbing blood sugar, and green tea’s ability to reduce the inflammation leading to that response makes it a contender amongst pre diabetic foods.

2. Chocolate: What top ten list would be complete without a controversial pick or two? Chocolate is a huge no no when most people think about pre diabetic foods. However, recent research is suggesting that in small amounts, dark chocolate may be able to reduce insulin sensitivity. This could mean an occasional sweet treat for those at risk for developing type 2 diabetes might not be all bad, if the underlying benefits of the decadent indulgence are further unearthed.

3. Steak: Another shocking item makes it way onto our top ten, this time in the form of red meat, which would seem to go against everything we’re told about a pre diabetic diet plan, where lean meats and fishes are the go-to sources of recommended proteins. However, steak in particular might be ideal in small and occasional amounts because it boasts a compound called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). In addition to boasting potential anti-cancer benefits, CLA has also been associated with correcting out of whack metabolisms and even weight loss. Frequency and portion control are imperative here however, and only 3 to 4 ounce servings on occasion are recommended.

4. Vinegar: There is a lot of science behind the inclusion of vinegar amongst pre diabetic foods, and its benefits are best observed when taken by the tablespoonful before a meal. In studies, diabetics who ingested two tablespoons of vinegar before eating enjoyed lower blood sugar levels after their meals. This phenomenon was still evident an hour later, when blood sugar levels were lower by 24%. In pre diabetics, the results were even more staggering, and blood sugar levels reduced by as much as half were reported.

5. Cinnamon: Perhaps one of the most celebrated pre diabetic foods is cinnamon, which has multiple uses in persons who are trying to control blood sugar levels. Not only does the spice help to promote insulin sensitivity which in turn lowers blood sugar levels, it also has substantial substitutive properties. Using cinnamon in place of table sugar in beverages and recipes where possible can help contribute to healthy weight loss and a reduce ingestion of refined white sugar.

6. Oatmeal: Oatmeal may seem controversial, but including it on the list of the best pre diabetic foods is no accident. The carbs the breakfast favorite boasts are good carbs and exist in addition to healthy amounts of fiber that help the body absorb sugar more slowly and contributes to a feeling of fullness which can in turn promote healthy weight loss and provide energy essential to physical activity.

7. Green Veggies: It’s no secret that replacing starchy vegetables with green options are ideal for people with pre diabetes. However, aside from simply serving as a carb replacement, there are other reasons to include foods like broccoli and green beans into a diet. Both their fiber content and contributions to healthy weight loss make them great pre diabetic foods, but these benefits might be taken a step further in terms of leafy greens like spinach. Boasting a chemical called lutein, these veggies may also help stave off eye problems, a plight well known to diabetics.

8. Beans: It’s recommended that people with prediabetes consume 13 servings of high fiber foods a day in order to properly control blood sugar levels. This may seem challenging, but adding in foods like chickpeas and kidney beans can help make it easier to meet this quota. The fiber in beans helps the body to absorb sugar less quickly, contributing to fewer blood sugar spikes and an easier to manage blood glucose level.

9. Garlic: Both garlic and its larger relative, the onion, have been shown in studies to help raise the amount of insulin that is available in the body. Onions also contain a chemical compound called quercetin, which is also found in apples and tomatoes and has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease in some studies.

10. Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the oldest spices in the world, long used in both culinary applications and medicinal ones alike. It’s particularly interesting to diabetics and those with pre diabetes because of its contained chemical compound, curcumin. Turmeric for diabetes is thought to be useful because curcumin may help reduce insulin resistance. The spice is thought to particularly useful amongst pre diabetic foods for the use of disease prevention.