Raw Food Diet for Diabetes – Solution that Reverse Diabetes!

Raw Food Diet for Diabetes

Studies have shown that diet can be one of the most effective and successful forms of natural diabetes treatment. In fact, in persons with prediabetes where their blood sugar levels are elevated but not yet indicative of the fully developed condition, a diet can actually stop the disease progression in its tracks or seriously delay its development altogether. With all of the positives that can come from this natural diabetes treatment, it’s no surprise that there are varying opinions on just which method or diet is the best. One newer choice is a raw food diet for diabetes. While incredibly restrictive, there are some benefits to the eating style.

Proponents of the cooking-free plan argue that it’s the best diabetic diet for several reasons. Obviously, there are substantial weight loss benefits to be gained from only eating whole, fresh foods and nothing else. Weight loss can be a huge factor in helping to better manage diabetes. Additionally, nutritional benefit from eating uncooked foods can be substantial, with often forgotten about vitamins and minerals being available in great quantity when consumed in the foods that contain them. Digestive benefits, improvement to the feel and appearance of skin and hair, and prevention of disease like heart problems and cancer are all also thought to be potential benefits of a raw food diet for diabetes.

But, there are other reasons why considering going without a stove top might be a great solution for people with blood sugar levels high enough to warrant dietary changes. Many of the selections included in the diet are foods that lower blood sugar themselves naturally. Raw vegetables, for instance, carry fiber content that helps the body absorb sugar more slowly. Green leafy vegetables like spinach contain natural chemicals that might help reduce blood sugar levels. Many fresh fruits that are a staple of a raw food diet for diabetes, such as blueberries, boast natural compounds that are thought to help reduce blood sugar levels high above where they should be when enjoyed as a part of a sensible meal or snack. Therefore not only might a raw food diet for diabetes promote weight loss, it’s also an opportunity to gain important natural benefits.

Studies have shown that various edibles can have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. For instance, many herbs for diabetes have performed well in clinical trials, with standouts like cinnamon indicating drops in blood glucose as much as 24% over a period of three to four months. Other herbs for diabetes such as turmeric are thought to work by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin which is responsible for reducing glucose levels in the blood. Many foods work in the same way, and therefore can be a very successful part of a raw food diet for diabetes.

So just what foods are included on this type of diet plan and how should it be prepared? Well, fresh fruits and vegetables are the mainstays of the plan, and are accompanied by nuts, seeds, seaweed, grains, legumes, nut milks and water. Omitting preparation methods that involve cooking leave the acceptable items prepared by methods like dehydrating, blending, juicing, soaking and sprouting. Although preparation methods vary, many of the foods recommended on a raw food diet for diabetes are healthy, whole foods that are recommended as a part of any diabetic diet plan regardless for their nutritional and health value.

Aside from improving blood sugar levels and promoting healthy weight loss, a raw food diet is also purported to promote healthy energy levels and support healthy sleep. Studies have shown that people who stick to healthy diets and exercise regularly can reduce or eliminate their need for medications entirely. This disease reversal demands that dedication to diet and exercise be maintained in order to prevent a resurgence in the disease, but proves how powerful diet and physical activity can be. A raw food diet for diabetes might just be the ideal solution because it promotes energy which leads to more physical activity, supports healthy weight loss and contains the nutritional content the body needs to properly manage its blood sugar levels.