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Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor Review

Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor

A diagnosis of diabetes isn’t like other health conditions. People with diabetes end up with an often lifelong routine of checking and monitoring their blood sugar at home. This occurs because regular monitoring is important to determining how far outside

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Level in Adults and Children

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a collection of conditions that affects millions upon millions of people. While there are many different types of diabetes, type 2 is without a doubt the most common. The condition is considered a metabolic disorder and leads sufferers

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Spike – What to Do?

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

There are many things that can bring about the symptoms of high blood sugar. Surprisingly enough, not all of them are related to physiological processes. For Type 1 sufferers, a lack of given insulin is almost always to blame. But,

Byetta Side Effects – Common and Rare

Byetta Side Effects

Approved just recently in 2005, Byetta joined other incretin mimetics in a group of injectable drugs that are used to manage Type 2 diabetes. While most diabetes medications aside from insulin are taken orally, Byetta is injected

Blood Sugar Levels after Eating Sweets and Other High Carb Foods

Blood Sugar Levels after Eating

Diabetes is a condition in which levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood are too high. In many cases, the condition requires treatment with medications and regular monitoring, both by a healthcare provider and at home. Although high blood sugar

Januvia Side Effects – Common and Rare

Januvia Side Effects

It is not uncommon that a popular and well known medication makes news for all the wrong reasons. Such is the case with Januvia, one of the best selling antidiabetic drugs on the market. Produced by Merck and introduced in

Good Blood Sugar Levels after Eating vs. Fasting

Good Blood Sugar Levels

For most health conditions, diagnostic laboratory testing is fairly accurate and is not impacted much by lifestyle or diet. Diabetes is one major disease that does not fall into this category. Food, drinks, fasting and more can all impact both

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels for Non Diabetics vs. Diabetics

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Although commonly referred to as a single condition, diabetes is actually a group of diseases that are considered metabolic conditions whereby a person’s blood glucose becomes elevated beyond healthy blood sugar levels. There are multiple reasons why this might occur,