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Blood Sugar Test Strips – Which Ones Are The Most Accurate?

Blood Sugar Test Strips

Shockingly, alarmingly and downright disturbingly, it’s been estimated that almost half of all blood sugar monitoring devices do not meet minimum standards for accuracy. For people that rely on these devices in order to regularly perform a blood sugar test,

Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor Review

Prickless Blood Sugar Monitor

A diagnosis of diabetes isn’t like other health conditions. People with diabetes end up with an often lifelong routine of checking and monitoring their blood sugar at home. This occurs because regular monitoring is important to determining how far outside

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Spike – What to Do?

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

There are many things that can bring about the symptoms of high blood sugar. Surprisingly enough, not all of them are related to physiological processes. For Type 1 sufferers, a lack of given insulin is almost always to blame. But,

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar – How to Prevent Diabetic Coma?

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

A diabetic coma is a state of unconsciousness that is brought on by blood sugar levels that are much too high or much too low and stay that way for too long. During a diabetic coma, sufferers are non responsive

Best Blood Sugar Monitor – Top 5 Models Experts Recommend!

Best Blood Sugar Monitor

A blood sugar monitor is a device that is used to electronically calculate the amount of glucose in the blood. It is a pretty important little tool for the nearly 30 million Americans suffering from the disease. Not only does