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Top 10 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Most people can fairly easily identify the foods to avoid with diabetes present. They include those that are high in bad carbohydrates and bad fats. However, for people who also have hypertension (high blood pressure), the available edible choices can

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics and Non Diabetics

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics

There is no question that blood sugar levels are not static – rather, continually changing values – that can fluctuate many times throughout the day. For some people, these value changes are most affected by meal times and what types

All You Need to Know about Diabetic Coma Blood Sugar Level

Diabetic Coma Blood Sugar Level

Before truly understanding a diabetic coma, one must first understand that diabetes is not just one condition. It’s a collection of metabolic conditions related to the way in which the body handles glucose and produces and uses insulin. Therefore, while

Januvia Side Effects – Common and Rare

Januvia Side Effects

It is not uncommon that a popular and well known medication makes news for all the wrong reasons. Such is the case with Januvia, one of the best selling antidiabetic drugs on the market. Produced by Merck and introduced in

Top 10 Most Important Type 2 Diabetes Facts and Statistics

Type 2 Diabetes Facts

An overabundance of information relating to Type 2 diabetes facts can make filtering out what is most important about the all too common condition difficult. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans and is characterized

Signs of Diabetes in Women vs. Men – What to Pay Attention to?

Signs of Diabetes in Women

Diabetes is a condition that is becoming increasingly more common, currently affecting nearly one tenth of the United States population. Men are thought to develop diabetes more easily than women, but that is not the only gender specific difference when

Brittle Diabetes Symptoms and Life Expectancy

Brittle Diabetes

Many people are familiar with diabetes. Either they have a family member or close friend with the condition or they themselves have it. However, diabetes is not one condition, rather a collection of metabolic diseases that affect either the way