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Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics and Non Diabetics

Dangerous Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics

There is no question that blood sugar levels are not static – rather, continually changing values – that can fluctuate many times throughout the day. For some people, these value changes are most affected by meal times and what types

Janumet XR Side Effects – Common and Rare

Janumet XR Side Effects

Janumet XR is a medication that is used to help control the levels of glucose in the blood in people who have type 2 diabetes (the medication is not used in people with type 1 diabetes). Although a single medication,

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar Spike – What to Do?

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

There are many things that can bring about the symptoms of high blood sugar. Surprisingly enough, not all of them are related to physiological processes. For Type 1 sufferers, a lack of given insulin is almost always to blame. But,

Byetta Side Effects – Common and Rare

Byetta Side Effects

Approved just recently in 2005, Byetta joined other incretin mimetics in a group of injectable drugs that are used to manage Type 2 diabetes. While most diabetes medications aside from insulin are taken orally, Byetta is injected

Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels Too Low and Too High – What To Do?

Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a collection of metabolic conditions that cause levels of blood sugar (glucose) to become elevated. This can be for a number of reasons but typically is a result of either an improper response to insulin by the body

Actos Side Effects – Common and Rare

Actos Side Effects

Actos is a medication that is used to manage diabetes. It is an oral medication that can help to control blood sugar levels, and is only indicated for persons with type 2 diabetes, not type one. Although the medication is

High Blood Sugar Levels and Weight Loss Connection

High Blood Sugar Levels

Before anyone gets too excited, the connection between high blood sugar levels and weight loss is not one that should be getting anyone in line at the corner store for a 44 ounce fountain soda. In fact, quite the opposite.