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Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults – How to Identify Them?

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults

Most of the time, type 2 diabetes is diagnosed in middle aged people. However, the disease is becoming increasingly common in younger people and even children. Young adults in particular are developing the disease at a much faster rate than

Blood Sugar Test Strips – Which Ones Are The Most Accurate?

Blood Sugar Test Strips

Shockingly, alarmingly and downright disturbingly, it’s been estimated that almost half of all blood sugar monitoring devices do not meet minimum standards for accuracy. For people that rely on these devices in order to regularly perform a blood sugar test,

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan for Beginners

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan for Beginners

A type 2 diabetes diet is an incredibly important part of managing the often life long health condition. But, for those that are newly diagnosed, figuring out what to eat and when to eat it can be somewhat challenging involving

Type 2 Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels – What Is “High”?

Type 2 Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is an often serious and long lasting collection of metabolic disorders that are related to the way in which the body uses or produces insulin. Most people are aware of the fact that there are two types of diabetes,

Type 2 Diabetes Causes and Risk Factors

Type 2 Diabetes Causes

Type 2 diabetes has been declared an epidemic by the medical community. Each year, more and more people are being given a diagnosis of diabetes than ever before. This is for many reasons, but perhaps mostly because Type 2 diabetes

Top 10 Most Important Type 2 Diabetes Facts and Statistics

Type 2 Diabetes Facts

An overabundance of information relating to Type 2 diabetes facts can make filtering out what is most important about the all too common condition difficult. Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans and is characterized