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Diabetic Diet for Weight Loss – Is It Really Helping or Another Fad Diet?

Diabetic Diet for Weight Loss

Diets are challenging, but they are very important, especially in people who have diabetes. This is because people who are heavier than they should be or are obese have a greater risk for developing complications of diabetes as the disease

Avandia Side Effects – Common and Rare

Avandia Side Effects

Avandia is a medication that falls into a class of antidiabetic drugs known as glitazones. The diabetes medications are used in order to help manage the blood sugar levels of persons with the adult onset form of the condition. Since

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Level in Adults and Children

Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a collection of conditions that affects millions upon millions of people. While there are many different types of diabetes, type 2 is without a doubt the most common. The condition is considered a metabolic disorder and leads sufferers

Low Blood Sugar Levels after Eating – Sign of Hypoglycemia?

Low Blood Sugar Levels

Hyperglycemia is the condition that is most associated with diabetics, and it refers to elevated and even dangerous blood sugar levels. However, the opposite end of the spectrum is just as important to be cognizant of, and low blood sugar

Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels Too Low and Too High – What To Do?

Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a collection of metabolic conditions that cause levels of blood sugar (glucose) to become elevated. This can be for a number of reasons but typically is a result of either an improper response to insulin by the body

7 Things to Know about Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

There is so much that can go wrong during a pregnancy. For nine long months, there is no shortage of worry or anxiety for an expecting mother. One of the biggest worries surrounds health, both that of the mother and

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels for Non Diabetics vs. Diabetics

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Although commonly referred to as a single condition, diabetes is actually a group of diseases that are considered metabolic conditions whereby a person’s blood glucose becomes elevated beyond healthy blood sugar levels. There are multiple reasons why this might occur,